RAD TV is a quick fire, Hot-Seat Multiplayer VR Party game that takes full advantage of VR’s immersive and intuitive interactivity. You and your friends are transported to a virtual world of weird and wonderful challenges where your mental and physical skills are tested in 25 hugely varied rapid-fire games. From hurling old records at Zombies to Quick Draws against Cowboys to flying Drones through checkpoints to speed eating burgers - the situation changes as quickly as surfing TV Channels.

Take on your friends to see who is the RAD TV champ!

  • 25 Hugely Varied Games
  • 5 Environment Settings
  • 2 to 6 Player Hot Seat VR Multiplayer
  • Challenge Mode
  • 25 sets of Player Customisations to Unlock
  • No Online Leaderboards
  • Rapid-fire gameplay
  • Fun cartoon art style
  • Unlockable feet hands/hand feets!
  • Fast and fun VR Party action!
VR Party Game VR 8 Players VR Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game Oculus Rift HTC Vive PSVR Oculus Touch Warioware VR